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18.06.2023 10:45 ·  Site, Notes  ·  blog

I haven’t posted anything for ages. Partially because of preoccupation and partially because I kind of lost motivation. Quite a lot has happened since my last post, and all of these things have affected both my life and my desire/ability to write something in one or another way. Disturbances at work, pandemics, changes in personal life and, finally, last year, war came to the doorstep of my home, ruining everything.

A few weeks ago, I tried to gather myself and finally get my hands dirty in an attempt to make this site look the way I wanted it. Refreshing HTML/CSS skills took some time, so did digging through the Hugo documentation, as well as trials and errors. It turned out that Hugo is indeed a great tool: powerful, flexible and at the same time relatively easy to deal with. There is a learning curve, but it is not as steep as it looks at first sight. It was fun, and I do not regret a single second spent on it.

And here we go. While not perfect and probably not optimal here and there, the site is good enough, and I’m quite happy with the result. Still need to migrate old posts, though, and maybe make the whole site multilingual.

Let’s hope that now I will return to more or less regular writing.

2016 recap

29.12.2016 13:11 ·  Notes  ·  recap

As the year is reaching its end, it is time to look back and remember what happened and how it affected my life.

Firstly, this year will be remembered for changes in professional life. After working on relatively small projects, I moved to work for a large company. I have never had to complain about a lack of interesting and challenging tasks, but now I’m working on the cutting-edge of geospatial technology and directly involved in the development of solutions that make GIS easier to use and accessible, simplify field data collection and processing huge amounts of data, and allow building a geospatial infrastructure either purely with open source components or by using a mix of proprietary and open source solutions.

I continue working on open-source projects, primarily QGIS. I actively contribute to Processing, update my own plugins, and continue with localisation and translation of documentation. Also, I have fixed a few bugs in GeoGig that prevented its usage with cyrillic and other character sets other than Latin1. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time and inspiration to complete another book, lets hope next year will be more productive in this regard.

The year was also packed with conferences and developer meetings. Ukrainian and international, small and big. Kharkiv, Girona, Bonn… Although sometimes (for example, at FOSS4G) I was a bit scared, I anyway made presentations and/or ran workshops.

I was also in Lviv for the first time. The one-week vacation flew by like a flash. Lots of interesting architectural sights, museums, the Giselle ballet, delicious coffee, and cozy evenings. I will definitely have to go there again.

I want to wish everyone and myself that the next year will be even more eventful, active, and diverse.

FOSS4G 2016 Bonn

19.08.2016 07:25 ·  Notes  ·  conferences, meetings

Next week I will be in Bonn (Germany) for FOSS4G 2016. This will be my first trip to a conference of that scale.

Together with Victor Olaya we will run a workshop on Processing. And as the QGIS project decided to hold another hackfest in parallel with the conference, I will also work on QGIS improvements and bugfixes.

Videos from the 2nd QGIS User Conference

17.06.2016 13:41 ·  Notes  ·  qgis, conferences, meetings

Presentations and videos from the 10th Spanish FOSS4G (Jornadas SIG Libre) and the 2nd QGIS User Conference are available:

The workshops were not recorded, one had to go to Spain if interested :-).

2nd QGIS User Conference

27.05.2016 06:08 ·  Notes  ·  qgis, conferences, travels, meetings

The second (and first for me) QGIS User Conference is over. More than 150 participants, 9 workshops in three parallel sessions, 18 presentations from people all over the world: two incredibly busy days flew really fast.

Workshops from QGIS core developers and the most experienced community members were interesting and useful for both beginners and those who have been using QGIS for a long time. Personally, I managed to attend four workshops:

18 presentations on a wide range of topics once again confirmed that QGIS turned from a “pet project” into a full-fledged competitor of such well-known products as ArcMap and MapInfo a long time ago. It was very interesting to listen to reports on the migration of government agencies to QGIS as well as on using QGIS in conservation and educational institutions. Presentations about new QGIS features, plugins, and other related developments, such as QGIS Server clients, were also captivating.

Many thanks to the organizers for their hospitality and impeccable organization of the conference.

Going to Spain

21.05.2016 16:35 ·  Notes  ·  conferences, travels, meetings

Actually, I’m on a train right now, and this post should be published automatically.

I am going to take part in the 2nd QGIS User Conference and QGIS hackfest. The conference should be really interesting. Even though this is only the second event, the conference program is extremely rich. There are presentations demonstraing how QGIS is used in real-world applications in different areas, workshops from QGIS core developers and advanced users, an overview of new features, etc. It is quite difficult to decide where to go and whom to listen to; almost all talks and workshops are intriguing.

QGIS 2 Cookbook

02.05.2016 15:21 ·  GIS, Notes  ·  qgis, publications

Today PacktPublishing released another book about QGIS, which contains quite a lot of my work. The book is available in both printed and electronic forms.

QGIS 2 Cookbook
QGIS 2 Cookbook

As the title suggests, QGIS 2 Cookbook provides a set of carefully selected and detailed recipes for using QGIS to solve different GIS tasks: from the basic ones (such as loading spatial data from various sources) to the advanced ones (working with vector topology, developing own plugins).

Many thanks to my co-authors: Alex Mandel, Anita Graser and Victor Olaya. It was a real pleasure to work with them, and being a part of a large team of authors was a very useful experience.

Happy QGISing!

Article about openModeller

30.03.2016 06:16 ·  Notes  ·  openmodeller, publications

I have just been reminded about something.

Last year, I sent an article about openModeller to the Ukrainian “GIS and Protected Areas” journal. I sent it, and because of work and other stuff, I completely forgot about it. But it was only me who forgot; the article was included in the last year’s issue of the journal.

QGIS By Example

22.06.2015 17:56 ·  GIS, Notes  ·  qgis, publications

Months of hard work and sleepless nights; tight deadlines; numerous discussions, arguments, and compromises, all these are finally behind us. We have done it! My first book — QGIS By Example — is ready and will soon be available in printed and electronic forms at Packt Publishing.

QGIS By Example
QGIS By Example

Today I would like to express my gratitude to Werner Macho and Nyall Dawson for their reviews and invaluable comments. I would also like to thank the publisher in general and its editorial team in particular for their advice and assistance, patience and understanding. My biggest thanks go to my co-author, Daria Svidzinska, for her support and invaluable contribution to the book. I am also immensely grateful to all my friends and family for their support and encouragement.

I hope you will like the book.

Happy QGISing!


12.06.2015 10:59 ·  Notes  ·  concerts, music

On Tuesday, we were at the Symfomania concert, I liked it overall. All the girls are good in their own way, but personally I liked the solos performed by Valentina, Ekaterina and Elena the most. And Victoria is an incredibly charismatic creature.