WhiteboxTools for Processing

23.12.2017 09:59 ·  GIS  ·  qgis, plugins, processing

Yesterday I published a new plugin — WhiteboxTools Processing provider.

WhiteboxTools provides a set of spatial analysis tools, primarily for raster data. It was developed as a response to numerous requests coming from users of the specialized GIS called Whitebox GAT. People wanted to use Whitebox GAT functionality in automated data processing workflows. At the time of this post, WhiteboxTools already contains more than 250 tools from Whitebox GAT and about the same number will be added in the near future. The WhiteboxTools for Processing plugin I have developed integrates these tools into QGIS.

The plugin is already available from my plugin repository. Only QGIS 3.0 is supported. Currently, the plugin has an experimental status, so do not forget to enable experimental plugins in the QGIS Plugin Manager settings. In addition to the plugin, you should also download and install WhiteboxTools and specify their location in the Processing settings.

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