Correct scale for tile maps in QGIS

26.12.2014 19:01 ·  GIS  ·  qgis, tips

When viewing TMS layers in QGIS, as well as in any other GIS, the background map may be blurred if the current map scale does not match the scale of the tiles. The reason for this is a feature of TMS, namely the use of a fixed set of so-called “zoom levels”: tiles are generated only for certain scales defined by the data provider.

So to get a sharp image, you should only use the scales that correspond to the zoom levels of the selected TMS service. For OpenStreetMap, the formula for calculating the scale for each zoom level can be found on this page, and a similar approach can be used for other services.

Some time ago I added a special widget to QGIS to select a map scale from a given set. Later, it became possible to edit this list and define a set of scales on a global level as well as on a project level. So if your project uses TMS layers, you can create your own list of scales and switch between them. At the same time, you still have the option of using any intermediate scale values.

Another option is to install the Tile Map Scale plugin. This plugin allows you to easily connect popular TMS layers (remember about ToS!). It also monitors map scale changes and automatically sets the nearest correct TMS scale. Note that you will not be able to use intermediate scale values in this case.

Finally, QGIS has a built-in widget for changing the scale according to the layer’s scale list. It can be found in “View → Panels → Tile scale” or from the toolbar context menu.

The choice of method is up to you.

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