Conefor for Processing

13.07.2023 14:19 ·  GIS  ·  qgis, plugins, processing

At the beginning of the year, I developed a new plugin — Conefor for Processing.

Conefor (previously known as Conefor Sensinode) is a tool to quantify the importance of habitat areas and links for the maintenance of connectivity. It is also used to evaluate the impacts on connectivity of habitat and landscape changes. Conefor is used to conduct a spatial ecology analysis and conservation planning. The Conefor for Processing plugin contains tools to prepare data and perform all types of analysis available in the Conefor.

The new plugin is a great addition to the Circuitscape provider I have developed before. Together, these plugins create a powerful set of tools for spatial ecology and conservation, allowing researchers from different fields to predict the movements of animals, evaluate the impact of climate change on range shifts, analyse the spread of invasive species or disease, understand how landscape patterns affect gene flow, and much more.

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