2016 recap

29.12.2016 13:11 ·  Notes  ·  recap

As the year is reaching its end, it is time to look back and remember what happened and how it affected my life.

Firstly, this year will be remembered for changes in professional life. After working on relatively small projects, I moved to work for a large company. I have never had to complain about a lack of interesting and challenging tasks, but now I’m working on the cutting-edge of geospatial technology and directly involved in the development of solutions that make GIS easier to use and accessible, simplify field data collection and processing huge amounts of data, and allow building a geospatial infrastructure either purely with open source components or by using a mix of proprietary and open source solutions.

I continue working on open-source projects, primarily QGIS. I actively contribute to Processing, update my own plugins, and continue with localisation and translation of documentation. Also, I have fixed a few bugs in GeoGig that prevented its usage with cyrillic and other character sets other than Latin1. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time and inspiration to complete another book, lets hope next year will be more productive in this regard.

The year was also packed with conferences and developer meetings. Ukrainian and international, small and big. Kharkiv, Girona, Bonn… Although sometimes (for example, at FOSS4G) I was a bit scared, I anyway made presentations and/or ran workshops.

I was also in Lviv for the first time. The one-week vacation flew by like a flash. Lots of interesting architectural sights, museums, the Giselle ballet, delicious coffee, and cozy evenings. I will definitely have to go there again.

I want to wish everyone and myself that the next year will be even more eventful, active, and diverse.

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